Occurrence Codes


Occurrence Codes and Dates

01-Accident/medical coverage

02-No Fault Insurance Involved

03-Accident/Tort Liability

04-Accident Employment Related

05-Accident No Medical/Liability Coverage

06-Crime Victim


Medical Condition Codes

09-Start of Infertility Treatment Cycle

10-Last Menstrual Period (only applies for maternity related care)

11-Onset of Symptoms/Illness


Insurance Related Codes

24-Date Insurance Denied

25-Date Benefits terminated by Primary Payer


Covered By EGHP

A1-Birthdate of Primary Subscriber

B1-Birthdate of Second Subscriber

C1-Birthdate of Third Subscriber

A2-Effective Date of the Primary Insurance Policy

B2-Effective Date of the Secondary Insurance Policy

C2-Effective Date of the Third Insurance Policy

**For additional occurrence codes, please refer to the NUBC UB04 Official Data Specifications Manual