Billing Services Solution

Main Features

Medical billing is an important process for any physician practice, considering that inaccurate and inefficient billing operations can negatively impact financial performance and result in interruptions in cash flow.

With Prime Clinical’s advanced medical billing software, practices have access to easy-to-use tools that provide more control over the billing cycle.

The software streamlines billing, simplifies claims tracking and optimizes revenue collections.

  • Automated tasks for sending out electronic claims, paper claims, tracer claims, statements, follow up letters
  • Ability to submit electronic Patient Statements through a Clearinghouse
  • Ability to Email Patient Statements
  • Interactive, Onscreen Collections Reports
  • View & save reports as PDF files.
  • Text to voice Automated Voice calls for Follow up on aging reports

Useful features if unrelated providers are in the same Database:

  • Statement Groups
  • Billing Groups to subtotal on Financial Reports
  • Department Groups to allow reports to be easily generated for a specific group of providers
  • Multiple Tax Id use

If Client Office is connecting to Intellect:

  • Access to schedule and automated telephone/text appointment reminders
  • Able to generate Superbills & track missing charges
  • Able to update patient demographics
  • Automated tasks for Patient Recall Letters

If Billing for Workers Compensation claims:

  • Special registration screens including all work comp information (Watch Video)
  • Automated Electronic Billing for Work Comp Claims
  • Send attachments with the claim electronically
  • Seamless integration with EAMS
  • PR2, SBR, IBR Forms preloaded – and generated from patient’s account