Prime’s customers are the company’s best advertising. For more than 40 years, they’ve made a point of telling us how satisfied they are with our products and service.

Here’s just a small sampling of what they are saying:

“I have been a client of Prime Clinical Systems for over 20 years. I first started working with them when they had a billing system then continued as their client when they introduced one of the first certified EMR systems. In all these years their commitment to service and client satisfaction has remained their priority. They continually monitor changes in health care and update the system without charge to stay in sync with current requirements. I not only use their software but also have them furnish, maintain, or if need be replace all the hardware components. On the occasion when technical issues have arisen their support staff has been extremely responsive, solving issues rapidly without interfering with my daily office routine. When need be, on the very rare occasion, they have come to my office to solve software or hardware issues in a matter of hours, not days. I have heard from other physicians the horror stories about their EMR systems and I can honestly attest that I have never once had any complaints or issues with the entire Prime Clinical System organization. I would recommend them and their products without reservation or hesitation.”

Owen L. Robinson MD
Internal Medicine
Gardena, CA

“The telehealth feature has been pivotal in keeping our work comp patients and partners engaged reducing any delays in treatment . With the option of having a third party on the line we are able to accommodate telehealth appointments with the nurse case manager present. This allows treatment to be authorized swiftly and care to proceed without any delays while keeping all parties on the same page. Additionally this is much more efficient for the physician as they would otherwise have to have two separate phone calls.

While speaking to a patient the other day she told me that she has been doing lots of telehealth appointments and ours has been the easiest for her and her husband to navigate. She’s unable to attend any doctors appointments in person because of her husband’s declining health; they are older and not technically savvy so its been difficult and frustrating at times utilizing other telehealth features but ours was easy and straightforward.

As an administrator it can be a challenge to implement new technology easily and quickly. This was so easy and simple to implement in our workflow it took less than one day to get staff and physicians trained and utilizing the telehealth feature. Its even easier for patients and we have not had any complaints!”

Megan Ashby
Spine Institute of Arizona

“We’ve been a satisfied user of Prime Clinical EMR for over ten years. The system is extremely feature-rich, and user-friendly. It’s allowed us to run our practice as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and provide great service to our patients. Plus, Prime Clinical’s customer service is quick, responsive and effective; their service is unmatched. In sum, Prime Clinical is a critical enabler of our practice. ”

Aye Thin
Medical Practice Manager
Beauty Swe, M.D., Inc.
Pasadena, CA

“March 14, 2014
This is to inform that for the past 15 years Advanced Radiology has been using the software products developed by Prime Clinical Systems.
From the very first time when the system was implemented up until now, Prime Clinical has been totally committed to providing the best customer service, and they strive to make all our issues of concern solvable.
The features that have been incorporated into our daily medical practice have been remarkable and during these years of using them on a daily basis have enabled us to reach our goals and objectives.
We definitely endorse the products developed by Prime Clinical Systems.”

Gonzalo Paredes
Administrator for
Advanced Radiology of
Beverly Hills

“We are building a center that is on the leading edge. So we have to make sure that we are taking advantage of all of the technologies available.”

Ali Sahbebekhtiari, M.D.
Glendora Digestive Disease Institute
Glendora, CA

“The residents are so much more efficient. Instead of spending time shuffling through paper, they have the information that they need right at their fingertips, making it possible to better serve our patients. Even though the patient visits are shorter, the residents are actually spending less time with their heads buried in manila folders and more time interacting with their patients.”

Ron Johnson, M.D., Head Physician
White Memorial Medical Center OB-GYN Practice and Residency Program
Los Angeles, CA

“Our previous system was not user friendly and was not supporting pediatric care. We needed a system that would meet the very specific requirements associated with treating children and a vendor that would be easy to work with. The doctors in the practice were impressed with the fact that Prime was willing to work with us to customize the system so that it would truly meet the needs of pediatric medicine.”

Karan Howards, Office Manager
Pomona Pediatrics
Pomona, CA

“All in all, the system has helped me to provide better service to my patients, which, in turn, is bolstering my practice’s reputation. It’s a benefit that is not typically associated with an EMR-EHR. And, even though there was an initial time and money investment to get the system up and running, the EMR-EHR system will eventually pay for itself – and then some.”

Jeffrey Hurless
D. P. M.
Thousand Oaks, CA

“Insurance billing is a snap, since all the electronic and paper claims are done at night automatically. We now run patient statements weekly and have seen an increase in cash flow and a decrease in collection activity. One of the nicest surprises was a great support staff! The automation is amazing and OnSTAFF does everything that Prime Clinical Systems states in their literature!”

Dr. Bruce Houman
Urology Center of S. Cal. Medical Group
Corona, CA