Surgery EHR Software Surgery EMR Software For Surgery Offices and Practices.

Start with a comprehensive surgery template library for H&P, Consultations, Pre and Post Op exams, Follow-up exams, Pre and Post Procedure forms.

  • Use your own favorite forms within the system
  • Modify and customize forms and templates to meet your needs
  • Track and trend your vital information including Vital Signs, Coagulation parameters, etc.
  • Full Imaging Compatibility − Digital (DICOM) or Analog Images, including x-rays, MRIs, colonoscopy and other photo images, etc.
  • Seamless data integration from diagnosis and treatment to billing & scheduling
  • Customizable Treatment Plans automate a combination of common tasks by diagnosis
  • Dragon Medical voice recognition can be used to document within templates and forms
  • Lab data automatically populates spreadsheet within the patient’s chart via the HL7 interface
  • Share selected data with patients through the Patient Portal
  • Electronically transmit prescription and refill requests online
  • Patient Portal for patients and referring physicians
  • Treatment Plans can be automatically generated based on Surgery Type.
  • Built-in interface with Labs (HL7)
  • Referral Management
  • General Surgery Template Library
  • Surgery Scheduling with automated charge posting feature
  • *Additional costs may apply for some of the features mentioned above