Patient Portal

Patient Chart Manager’s PATIENT PORTAL:

  • Allows patients to securely post their demographic data to your database over the internet.
  • Offices are also able to share documents with the patient through this interface.
  • Providers can decide if they would like to have certain DATA Tables visible to patients when they log in, such as vital signs.
  • Patients can send messages to the office to request an appointment or additional information.
  • Allows patients to make online payments
  • Providers can share selected patient documents over the internet with other practices whose providers are involved in the patient’s coordination of care
  • This innovative solution requires minimal staff training and involvement.
  • Patient Portal allows the medical office staff to have more time to tend to patient care and not paperwork.
  • Patient Portal is committed to protecting patient privacy.
  • The patient’s information from the moment of transfer is encrypted to comply with HIPAA regulations.