Prime Clinical Systems, Inc. Patient Chart Manager Recieves CCHIT Certification

Software complies with 100 percent of certification criteria

2007 April 30 ? The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHITSM) today announced that Prime Clinical Systems product Patient Chart Manager Version 5.3.100 is CCHIT CertifiedSM, and meets CCHIT ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria for 2006. Ambulatory EHRs are designed for physician offices and clinics where most Americans get their healthcare. CCHIT is a Recognized Certification Body in the United States for certifying health information technology products ? an independent, nonprofit organization that sets the benchmark for EHRs.

As a CCHIT Certified product, Patient Chart Manager has been tested and passed inspection of 100 percent of a set of criteria for:

    • Functionality (ability to create and manage electronic records for all patients, as well as automating workflow in a physician’s office),
  • Interoperability (a first step in the ability to receive and send electronic data to other entities such as laboratories), and
  • Security (ability to keep patients’ information safe).

The CCHIT Certified mark – a “seal of approval” for EHR products – provides the first consensus-based, consistent benchmark for ambulatory products. By looking to products with the CCHIT Certified seal, physicians and other providers can be assured they are making a reliable investment and insurers and other payers know the products meet expected industry standards.

“Physician who purchase certified products have the assurance that they have been reviewed by a panel of judges, including practicing physicians, and that they are being evaluated against standards set by professionals in the field and successfully piloted with products from large and small companies,” said Mark Leavitt, M.D., Ph.D., chair, CCHIT. “The quality and safety of EHR products can now be measured using certification criteria that were developed specifically for that purpose.”