Orthopaedic Practice Chooses Practice Management and EMR Software from Prime Clinical Systems

(February 22, 2005 – Pasadena, CA) – Orthopaedics, PC, Spencer, IA, is tapping into the potential of computer automation via practice management and electronic medical records software from Prime Clinical Systems, Inc., a company that serves medical practices of all sizes and specialties across the country.The growing solo practice recently jumped on the information technology bandwagon by implementing the OnSTAFF Practice Management and the Patient Chart Manager Electronic Medical Records systems.

The practice chose the Prime Clinical software after surveying a number of vendors and determining that the systems offered the features and functions required by an orthopaedic medical practice.

The OnSTAFF system, for example, offers advanced eligibility verification, comprehensive insurance plan monitoring and automated collections functions.

Patient Chart Manager offers extensive workflow management, including care planning, charge posting and prescription management – as well as the ability to create customized templates that closely align with the needs of an orthopaedic surgeon. With PCM, physicians can easily access and input information each time they see patients, enabling them to make better clinical decisions. Radiology images can be automatically posted to the patient chart reducing manual labor. Images can also be embedded in clinical reports, which adds a higher level of quality and helps to differentiate the practice.

Just as important, Prime offered a high level of customer service, working closely with the practice to meet its specific needs – and to get the system up and running quickly, according to Julie Spiess, practice manager.

“We are a single surgeon practice very distant from any metropolitan area. We needed a vendor that would come out to us at a time of our choosing, and show us in a real world way what they could do for us and then help us get started,” Spiess says. “With just one surgeon, we required presentation and implementation with no downtime as any downtime would simply be detrimental to our practice. Prime Clinical Systems delivered on this basis.”

Because Prime worked hand-in-hand with Orthopaedics, PC, to get the right software products up and running, the medical practice is already reaping the benefits of computerization, just six months after implementing the practice management system and only one month after putting the EMR into action.

For example, almost immediately after implementing OnSTAFF, the practice discontinued using an outside billing service – choosing instead to handle all billing functions in house. In addition to saving the substantial costs associated with using a third party, Orthopaedics, PC, is issuing claims much quicker and reaping the benefits of increased control.

“It simply makes it easier to work. We have all the information we need right at hand. We are able to share information that is requested by patients, payers and the doctor. It’s hard to quantify but it really reduces the headache quotient,” Spiess says.

Even though the practice just began using the EMR in late January, the office already is operating more efficiently, with staff members spending considerably less time locating patient charts.

“Our surgeon is able to locate the information that he needs to treat patients at the touch of a button. It is always available and always up to date,” Spiess says. “Before, nurses and office staff were using time and energy in locating the paper charts that he needed to treat patients.”

Having the up-to-date medical records available at all times is a huge clinical benefit for an orthopedic surgeon, Spiess says.

“We have satellite clinics at three different hospitals and that means paper charts were in various stages of coming and going at all times,” Spiess says. “And, our surgeon is always relying on the information as he prepares to see patients in the clinic – and, of course, as he prepares for surgeries. Having this information available around-the-clock makes it possible for our surgeon to confidently deliver high quality patient care to all patients at all times.”

Prime will be demonstrating the OnSTAFF and Patient Chart Manager systems in booth 313 at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2005 Annual Meeting, Feb. 23-27, at the Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C.

About Prime Clinical Systems Prime Clinical Systems Inc. is a medical software company headquartered in Pasadena, California, and regionally in Lincolnshire, Illinois and San Ramon, California. Founded in 1983, the company’s proven products, stellar services and innovative advances have made it one of the fastest growing providers of health care software systems in the nation.

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