Mississippi Medical Group Chooses Prime Clinical’s Practice Management and EMR Systems

(July 13, 2004 —Pasadena, Calif.) – Jackson Gynecologic Oncology recently purchased practice management and electronic medical records software from Prime Clinical Systems, Inc., to bring a higher level of automation to the physician practice.”We were using systems from a different vendor before but the Prime products are much more advanced and offer so many more functions and features. We really have many more options with these systems in place,” says Janet Smith, office manager.

Paul Seago, M.D., one of two physicians who work in the Jackson, Miss.-based practice, noticed the Prime software products at a recent show and immediately realized that his medical group could benefit from the systems’ advanced features.

“Right away, I could see that these systems function on a whole different level when compared to the software that we had. So, I made it my business to see what I could do to get the systems up and running in our practice,” Seago says.

Prime’s OnSTAFF practice management software, for example, offers advanced eligibility verification, comprehensive insurance plan monitoring and automated collections functions that outperform similar functions in other systems. For example, users can depend on the system to automatically:

  • Process claims to more than 1,300 insurance companies, most free of charge
  • Query payers and receive answers regarding eligibility before clinicians actually see the patients, whereas many other systems check eligibility retrospectively
  • Display comprehensive collection data on a single screen, while other systems often just produce lists of patients who have outstanding bills
  • Produce insurance tracers, appeal and denial follow-up correspondence

The practice, which has only been using the system since January, has been able to reduced claims processing time from an average of 30 days to just six days.

Prime’s EMR system, Patient Chart Manager (PCM), offers extensive workflow management, including care planning, charge posting and prescription management. With PCM, physicians can easily access and input information each time they see patients, enabling them to make better clinical decisions.

Because doctors can choose how they want to input information — whether by keyboard using advanced templating and dropdown lists, by dictation or voice recognition, or by using writing directly on the screen with a stylus — the EMR results in a high level of physician adoption.

Jackson Gynecologic Oncology expects PCM to help eliminate the use of paper while streamlining workflow. The system’s easy-to-use screens enable users to reduce the time it takes to add new patients to the practice, fill out required forms, view appointment schedules, locate patient charts, add notes to patient charts, and manage and transmit documents within and outside the practice as needed.

The EMR is expected to help Jackson save money by reducing transcription costs, eliminating chart pulls, decreasing supply spending and lessening storage expenses.

The close integration between the two systems is another advantage, Smith says. For example, when performing billing functions in OnStaff, she can easily access information from PCM.

“Our systems share vital information, making the user’s job so much easier. As such, Jackson Gynecologic Oncology will be able to better document patient visits and then use that documentation to improve billing,” said Barry Ardelan, Prime’s President and CEO. “Our EMR is truly integrated with the practice management system because it has been developed by our own experienced software professionals, not by an outside party.”

About Prime Clinical Systems
Prime Clinical Systems Inc. is a medical software company headquartered in Pasadena, California, and regionally in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Founded in 1983, the company’s proven products, stellar services and innovative advances have made it one of the fastest growing providers of health care software systems in the nation.



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