Prime Clinical Systems Unveils New Web-Based Billing and Scheduling System

(December 2, 2003–Pasadena, CA) — Prime Clinical Systems, Inc., has added WebSTAFF™, an Internet-based medical billing and scheduling system, to its roster of administrative and clinical software solutions for physician practices.

With WebSTAFF, physicians can utilize any Web browser from virtually any computer–whether in the hospital, at home, or in a far-away remote location–to access schedules and input procedure and diagnosis codes (ICD-9 and CPT). All information including diagnoses, procedures, schedule changes and new patient entries can be entered into the system. The data loads directly into Prime’s OnSTAFF practice management system in real time, eliminating the need for time-consuming double entry as well as the need to upload or import information from a mobile device to the main system.

WebSTAFF makes it possible for medical groups to truly benefit from automation by achieving exceptional physician acceptance. Many physicians, for instance, are apt to use computers in doctors’ lounges to enter billing information shortly after seeing patients – instead of scribbling the information down on a 3-by-5 card and then attempting to decode their notes and enter them into a computer system at the end of the day. The Web-based option also provides an option for physicians who are not comfortable using mobile devices such as personal digital assistants.

“Many doctors simply refuse to carry a device with them all day, no matter how small it is. Plus, many physicians don’t want to worry about the batteries or uploading the information from the device into the main system. With WebSTAFF, however, practices can offer their physicians access to billing and scheduling functions via virtually any computer. And, as a result, more physicians actually use the system to its fullest extent, which translates directly to a positive impact on the practice’s bottom-line,” said Simon Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prime Clinical Systems.

Because WebSTAFF connects seamlessly with the OnSTAFF practice management system, medical practices can offer a remote solution that does not add any extra steps to the process whatsoever. OnSTAFF automates many functions such as billing, accounts receivable, aging of accounts and insurance follow-up. OnSTAFF is one of the first systems approved by Medicare for ANSI 4010A1 compliance and is also primed to help practices comply with HIPAA regulations.

On the clinical side of the practice, the integration flows through to Prime’s electronic medical record, Patient Chart Manager.

“We’ve developed medical software that offers powerful automation making it possible for practices to really change the way they operate and to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative functions such as billing and accounts receivable,” says Barry Ardelan, Prime’s president. “But we know that the real key to success is getting physicians to actually use technology. WebSTAFF is especially valuable because so many physicians are comfortable working remotely via the Internet. As a result, practices don’t have to plead to get their doctors on board. The physicians flock to the system and the practices immediately start adding up the benefits.”

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Prime Clinical Systems, Inc., is a medical software company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Founded in 1983, the company’s proven products, stellar services and innovative advances have made it one of the fastest growing providers of healthcare software systems in the nation.


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